In another grueling scene of talk show queen Wendy Williams’ public and painful divorce, her estranged husband, Kevin Hunter, has officially laid claim to some of her money.

As you probably know, Wendy recently filed her divorce petition in New York City, and now it appears that Kevin has made his demands to the same court. He wants alimony, and even though their son, Kevin Jr., is 18 already, TMZ is reporting that he is still trying to get money for child support – a fresh sign that Kevin is looking to play some real hardball.

Considering the widely reported story that Kevin cheated on Wendy and fathered a love child with his mistress, making obvious money grabs may not go over well in court. Not to mention the fact that Wendy just got out from a 30-day stint in rehab. She’s not a well woman, and will probably come off very sympathetic.

We know Kevin had to leave the show in his capacity as executive producer, but the details of how that happened will likely be very important to any final agreement. Is he still getting paid?

We’ll be following the drama every step of the way folks. Until the next time it drips…

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