In a shocking series of revelations, Grammy and Oscar winning entertainer Common revealed that he was molested as a child. The rapper and actor recounts details of the situation in his new book, Let Love Have The Last Word.

What’s even more interesting is Common shares that he held the episode in his mind as a repressed memory for over 35 years. In the book, he describes the moment when the horrible memories came crashing through his mind.

He was practicing a scene in a movie called The Tale two years ago with actor, Laura Dern, when he realized he was having real memories of the event. Common turned to her and said, “Laura I think I’ve been abused.”

In his book, Common recounts a family road trip to a relative’s house in Cleveland, where he was molested while sharing a bed with a family friend that had come along on the outing as well. Common believes he was only 9 or 10 years old when he was abused, but for now, he will not name his abuser. He added that he hasn’t spoken to him in over 25 years.

The “Glory” rapper says he wants to bring healing for himself and his family. He also hopes to help others deal with the pain and the stigma of abuse with the release of his book.

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