Rapper Kodak Black has again been arrested unexpectedly, and this time in Miami. Right before he was about to take the stage at Rolling Loud music festival, a platoon of US Marshals, ATF agents, and Miami Dade police were all on hand to put Kodak in cuffs without incident.

This is the second time he’s been locked up in just the last few weeks. Last time, he was clear across the country, but on the other side of the US border with Canada, Niagra Falls. They searched Kodak and found him with a firearm, a probation violation.

The police then searched his men, who had guns, assault rifles, extendo clips, and all that. There were also illegal drugs involved and those too was confiscated. Altogether the Canadian police arrested not only Kodak Black, but three of his men as well. Kodak bailed out the next day though, making news and going viral for flashing $50,000 cash money to cover his face when leaving the jail.

The next week while in Boston for a show, Kodak Black’s tour bus was raided. While Kodak wasn’t present when the raid went down, police arrested four more of his men for gun possession. As the week before, they also had pistols, assault rifles, extendo clips, and were caught with illegal drugs.

These are the situations that preceded and precipitated the “Zeze” rapper’s dramatic run-in with all levels of law enforcement last night in Miami at Rolling Loud. Given everything that’s been going down, Kodak Black is locked up for both State and Federal firearms violations.

However, the way it all happened, it would seem that somebody’s been snitching… At the very least somebody’s been sharing info on Kodak Black’s schedule and whereabouts to aid the police. One thing is clear, Kodak had better start watching his back, and looking out for himself.

Still, the focus has now shifted to the venue in question. In fact, Rapper Lil Wayne refused to go on stage in protest of the arrest of Kodak Black. Check out Wayne’s message…

“The Festival Police (Not Rolling Loud) made it mandatory that I had to be policed and checked to get on the stadium grounds. I do not and will not ever settle for being policed to do my job and give you guys a great show.”

The way Kodak was ambushed is raising tensions with the Hip Hop artist community and venue producers they do business with. If they can’t gig without fear of arrest, what will they do?

We’ll follow all developments on the Kodak Black saga, and bring it to you raw when we get more.

Until the next time it drips…

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