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Actress Felicity Huffman is now a convicted criminal conspirator in the federal government’s case against her and dozens of other wealthy parents and their plot to cheat their childrens’ way into colleges all over the country.

The scheme, an amazingly vast conspiratorial effort that included not only immensely wealthy parents,  but also school administrators, coaches, and SAT test proctors – all money laundering and mail frauding their whole merry way. The players involved are being criminally investigated and charged, and they will have their day in court, but what about the institutions involved? There doesn’t seem to be any blame or condemnation in their direction.

However, can you imagine the reaction to this story if these were black parents and the colleges were HBCUs? One could posit that people across the nation, and definitely politicians of a certain ideology, would be calling for all of the colleges involved to be shut down immediately.

It’s not an exaggeration to have full blown scandals that arrest entire school systems with investigations and criminal prosecutions over teachers changing the grades of students in their own classrooms.

Black teachers, administrators, and entire school systems have historically paid dearly for any hint of impropriety – a far cry from the money-fueled gluttony of amoral characters in this perverted scenario, all bent on defiling many of our nation’s greatest universities.

If you want a real world example of how it breaks down when the players are black and brown, look at the Atlanta City Schools cheating scandal, for one. If I had a nickel for every time a smug Republican called for a college at the Atlanta University Center (AUC) to be shut down over the years, I would be rich.

Seriously, close your eyes, and imagine they’re all black. There would be nationwide fury and condemnation, and all the news networks would be covering the chorus of calls for the “corrupt” schools involved to be shut down.

The double standard is so glaring, only a protective lens of lies could keep you from going blind.


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