Rapper and YSL label boss, Young Thug, was unusually active yesterday on Instagram. He posted a series of odd messages that he called prayers and posted to his page some seventeen times.

Often seeming to ramble and clear his throat, Young Thug prayed for his entire family, including his mother and father. He also demanded that people stop using the phrase “Clout Chasing.” He sited his desire and habit of gaining insight from industry moguls Diddy and Jay Z as the reason he thinks the term doesn’t make sense, so therefore, people shouldn’t use it.

Notably, New York rapper Papoose and his popular wife, Remy Ma, just dropped a pretty hot song called CC, meaning “Clout Chasers.” It’s unclear if Young thug’s reaction to the phrase was brought on by the diss track.

He went on to pray for rap superstar Gunna, who is a YSL Records artist. He prayed that Gunna “learn to seek for information.” He also had prayers for other artists on his label like Lil Keed and Lil Duke.

We’ll let you know if Young Thug has anything else to add as soon as we hear it – until the next time it drips…