Out of the blue yesterday, singer Trey Songz dropped a post of himself holding the foot of a newborn. His followers and fans were shocked, but few had the nerve to express it as most were just happy to see Trey had a new baby. He soon followed that with this picture…


With the comment, “My son Noah. We are blessed and overjoyed. Peace.,” Trey started a serious buzz about his situation. No mention of who the mother is, as his fans wonder why they haven’t heard about a relationship with her. It seems strange that a mother wouldn’t want to be recognized as having a son with Trey Songz, but so far, no lucky lady has stepped forward.

Some were under the impression he was still involved with Lori Harvey, however reports are that ended in February, and both their pages have been scrubbed of any mention of one another. Still, Lori Harvey can be found saying kind words in comments with his other celebrity friends like Kevin Hart and singer Kehlani – have a look…


So no hard feelings there, right? Well that actually remains to be seen… It seems the whole time they were dating, there was another girl actually pregnant. Still, a big congratulations to Trey Songz on the new baby! When we find out who the mother is, we’ll let you know.

Until the next time it drips….



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