Kodak Black is looking at a mountain of evidence being compiled by federal prosecutors. They’re linking him to a March 7th shooting in his home town of Pompano Beach, FL. No one was injured, but police believe Kodak shot up the house of a rival rapper while kids were inside.

Prosecutors say Kodak Black lied on a January firearms application to obtain three guns and 100 rounds of ammo. TMZ reports Kodak spent $3,518.71 on a Draco pistol, Sig MPX K 9mm pistol, and a Sig P238 .380 pistol. In February, police say he bought all three pistols at a place called Lou’s Police Distributors, a federal firearms licensee in Hialeah, FL.

Prosecutors say they found the very same MPX K pistol Kodak bought at Lou’s Police Distributors on the scene of the March 7th Pompano Beach shooting. Not only that, they also say the MPX K had Kodak’s fingerprints on it and a live round in the chamber that had jammed.

They also found a Porsche Panamera that had been rented by the rapper, heavily damaged and abandoned 14 miles away from the scene. Witnesses put Kodak Black in the vehicle in the same neighborhood on the night of the shooting. What’s more, the GPS information from the SUV also confirms the vehicle was in the neighborhood where the shooting took place.

This has developed into a very serious circumstance for Kodak Black. After being arrested at the Rolling Loud festival, the rapper put up his home to get out of jail, but prosecutors won’t let him go. He hasn’t been formally charged, but the lying on firearms applications reasoning used to arrest Kodak Black seems to be just the beginning.

Looks like they’re gearing up to charge Kodak Black with attempted murder, as a slew of firearms charges are already on the table. If kids were actually in that house, Kodak may be looking at charges for crimes against children as well. Given how heavily law enforcement rolled into Rolling Loud, they clearly see Kodak Black as a real threat to the community.

We’ll keep you posted on all new developments – until the next time it drips….

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