Comedian and syndicated radio show host DL Hughley had a lot to say about the popular conservative abortion bans sweeping states with Republican controlled legislatures, mostly southern states that fought for slavery. DL points out the direct correlation between states that have enacted abortion bans with those southern states that have historically condoned the rape of slaves.

Listen to what he told TMZ…

There are about nine states in the country flexing conservative muscle with restrictive abortion laws, therefore eroding the protections of Roe vs. Wade. Alabama just enacted the closest thing to an outright ban of abortions altogether, basically saying a woman can only abort a fetus up until six weeks, and only if she doesn’t know she is pregnant… so just think about that for a bit..

Right now Georgia’s entertainment industry is in serious turmoil since the state legislature also enacted new restrictive abortion laws. Actress Alyssa Milano, and much of Hollywood, is leading a strike against Georgia’s thriving film industry. However, progressive political leaders like Stacey Ahbrams are trying to stave off such a strike, since a move like that would have an outsized negative effect on large urban areas like Atlanta, akin to shooting ones self in the foot.

In states like Georgia, political forces that successfully brought the abortion ban and its restrictive components don’t have constituents in large urban areas anyway. Many contend that it would be just fine with Republicans and conservative power players around the state to see the Atlanta Metropolitan area suffer in this way, as territorial envy and jealousy of Atlanta’s countless successes with industry is most likely at play in the scenario.

Not sure where this whole thing is leading to, but rest assured the Presidential race of 2020 will likely be the most consequential in decades, as it relates to women’s rights. However this time, the all male forces that encroach on women’s rights were actually put there with the full participation of women.

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