The Cook County State’s Attorney just charged R. Kelly with 11 very serious felonies in their fight to finally put the Chicago menace away. In addition to the 10 sex abuse counts he’s already facing, these new counts truly up the ante, as they include aggravated sexual abuse and aggravated sexual assault.

We’re hearing all of these charges stem from R. Kelly’s alleged crimes against victim Jerhonda Pace. Back in 2010, Jerhonda was under the age of 18. Prosecutors allege that R. Kelly committed acts of penetration on a victim by use of force or threat of use of force. In addition, he’s also charged with forcing contact with his penis and the victim’s mouth.

Kelly still maintains his innocence, but the degree of criminal liability and the possibility of very serious jail time just went through the roof. The phrase “plea bargain” will likely enter the conversation here soon.

We’ll keep watching the developments – until the next time it drips…

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