Lil Durk dropped a message on Instagram saying he was about to turn himself in to Atlanta police after learning they issued a warrant for his arrest earlier in the week. Police say Lil Durk was involved in an assault that left a man shot in the wee hours of the morning outside the city’s famous Varsity fast food joint.


Police say the victim had to undergo surgery and has survived. Witnesses say the shooting victim and another man were having a verbal altercation right before shots rang out. Thirteen shells were recovered and even a pistol believed to be used in the gun fight.

After watching surveillance video, Atlanta police have charged the rapper with 5 felony counts, including attempted murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. All charges are very serious and offer a serious challenge to the famous rapper’s promising future in the rap game.

Lil Durk has almost 5 million followers just on Instagram alone. He also has a new family and fiance he displays regularly online, and he’s fighting hard to get bail so he can continue his good life. Not admitting any blame, Lil Durk’s lawyer insists the rapper didn’t do anything wrong and was simply defending himself.

We’ll continue to follow the story, and bring you the info when we get it – until the next time it drips…

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