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Through their attorneys, the family of Anthony Williams, one of YNW Melly’s alleged victims, made a statement to TMZ saying

“YNW Melly should feel the exact fear and panic he so viciously and consciously brought upon his innocent victims.”

Despite being so close that YNW Melly has a tattoo of Anthony Williams’ mother, Jana, on his neck, the family is completely distraught and they’re fully supportive of the State of Florida’s pursuit of the death penalty in the case.

If you don’t know, the “Murder On My Mind” rapper is accused of the cold-blooded murder of two of his own crew members, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. Police say Melly had the help of his friend Cortlen Henry, and both men are currently behind bars awaiting trial.

Prosecutors believe Melly and Henry shot the two victims at point-blank range in Melly’s car, then tried to make the murder scene look like a drive-by shooting, blasting bullet holes into the vehicle themselves. They dragged the bloodied corpses of the two victims into a local emergency room in an elaborate hoax, trying to cover up their gory crimes.

YNW Melly actually wants out of jail until his trial, but the Williams family is in no mood for that, and neither is the D.A. Given the horrible nature of the alleged crimes and the deep sense of betrayal, Williams’ family, went on to say…

“If the state of Florida feels the death penalty is warranted in this case then we 100% fully support it.”

Emotions are running high and the promising young rapper is in a life or death situation – his back is truly against the wall. No new hearings are scheduled at the moment, and the notion of Melly getting bond until the trial is a loser by all accounts.

Online, YNW Melly’s family is trying to keep his fans energized and engaged, but for Melly… he just sits and he waits. If anything breaks, we’ll be sure to let you know.

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