News came down today that embattled R&B legend R. Kelly is facing even more damning evidence in the sexual assault case against him in Illinois. TMZ reported last Thursday that one of R. Kelly’s former employees told the grand jury they had been in possession of multiple tapes with R. Kelly having sex with minors.

The employee claims to have sold one of the tapes back to the singer for a large amount of money, and believes Cook County prosecutors have somehow obtained that video. Moreover, the former employee claims to have turned over several more items that TMZ calls “child sex tapes” featuring R. Kelly.

There’s been no mention of how the employee came into possession of the alleged underaged sex tapes, how long they may have had them, or what kind of culpability or criminal exposure the employee might have for actually selling such a thing for money. The former employee also reportedly told the grand jury that the team surrounding R. Kelly was well aware he liked to have sex with underaged girls and helped him obtain the minors.

This testimony seems to support what the grand jury heard from several alleged R. Kelly victims last week when they testified the singer and his team transported them across state lines for the purposes of sex – an important circumstance, as it could be the linchpin to a successful sex trafficking conviction.

Prosecutors are really putting the pressure on R. Kelly and it seems he has nowhere to turn. He’s now facing more than 21 felony charges. One has to ask, is the singer thinking about a plea deal yet? He could easily spend the rest of his life in jail at this point.

We’ll keep up with the details for you, and you’ll know when we do – until the next time it drips….

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