Huge entertainment news juggernaut TMZ printed a full and complete apology to rapper T.I. and his family for publishing a fairly aggressive article about T.I.’s sister and sometimes castmate, 66 year old Precious Harris Chapman. Precious recently died tragically in a car accident where she crashed into a telephone pole while behind the wheel of one of T.I.’s cars.

Apparently, someone at TMZ decided to release an M.E.’s report showing there was cocaine in Precious’ system at the time of the accident. However today, the organization did an about-face and decided that course was unwarranted and extremely hurtful to the Harris family, basically admitting they went very much too far. They wrote…

“Precious was only peripherally involved in T.I. and Tiny’s reality show, and wasn’t in the spotlight as a celebrity.”

TMZ went on to write a lengthy obituary for Precious, telling of her extensive good deeds in and around her community, and showing the reader just how wrong they were to take such a negative approach in her untimely death.

The apology is quite remarkable and definitely very rare – you should go and have a look at it for yourself.