The family of late famed director John Singleton has grown very suspicious of the circumstances leading up to him checking himself into Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in LA. The time frame has become a huge mystery to everyone, specifically to the mothers of his children, who have hired a private investigator to find out just what happened.

Apparently John had just come back from a trip to Costa Rica, but there are actually no witnesses to whatever illness he was going through that led to his hospital stay. At the time, it was said he had leg pain after the flight, but no one in the family can actually confirm that because no one saw him.

Furthermore, TMZ reports that even after all this time, no one knows how John got himself to the hospital to begin with. That missing piece of the puzzle has become a disturbing omission. As far as we know, John Singleton just showed up inside Cedar-Sinai Medical already in a wheelchair, dazed and confused.

As you probably know, it’s been big news this week how aggressive John Singleton’s mother, Shelia Ward, has been to gain full control over his estate. She filed documents to take immediate control, citing the threat to John’s numerous properties. She’s already in possession of John’s will, so she has the upper hand. Does she know anything? Given the tense standoff brewing between her and the mothers of his children, if she did know anything, would she actually tell them??

For now, it remains to be seen if hiring a P.I. will actually gain answers for the mothers, but you have to admit… they have a good point, and hiring professional help may prove to be a good move.

We’ll get you updates as soon as they’re available. Until the next time it drips…

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