UPDATE – We’ve learned that ‘Big Papi’ has suffered major damage to several internal organs as reports continue to come in. His assistant, Leo Lopez, just gave ESPN a statement…

“Ortiz had to remove parts of the intestines and the colon and remove the gallbladder. His liver was damaged, too.”

Still, ‘Big ‘Papi’ is said to be in stable condition, but the situation is tense. We’ll bring you more when we get it.


Three time World Series champion and Boston Red Sox legend David Ortiz, aka ‘Big Papi,’ was shot while clubbing Sunday night in his home country, the Dominican Republic. It’s being reported that a gunman rushed into the Dial nightclub in Santo Domingo and shot ‘Big Papi’ in the back, and the bullet came out through his belly. You can see a bit of what happened in the video above.

After the shooting, clubgoers ran down the guman, and this was the scene as the crowd caught the shooter outside…

‘Big Papi’ was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. TMZ is reporting the 10-time All Star has pulled through surgery and is said to be out of the woods, but the community in Santo Domingo is pissed off, as you can see in the video above.

The incident was initially being called a robbery, but TMZ says law enforcement insists that robbery was not the motive. However, they haven’t put forth any other reasons for the crime, even though we know the police have the shooter in custody.


David Ortiz is from the Dominican Republic and was actually born in Santo Domingo. Before retiring in 2016, he had been signed on with MLB since he was 17 years old. He’s as big of a legend as they get in Boston, and many are praying for his full recovery. The Red Sox organization has pledged to help the family with anything they need in this time.

We’ll keep you updated – until the next time it drips….

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