While at a New York rooftop bar, actor Cuba Gooding Jr. got into an altercation with a woman while he was singing karaoke. Apparently, she told police that she was just bringing him a glass of water because he was drunk, when for some reason, he got mad and grabbed her breast. The altercation happened about 10 PM, but police didn’t arrive until midnight.

TMZ is reporting that Gooding is a regular at the bar, and employees have been questioned about the incident. So far, police have found video of him partying there and at one point getting seemingly agitated, but no video of him touching the alleged victim’s breast. Frankly, he doesn’t look “agitated” in the video either, but that can easily be a matter of opinion.

We don’t know whether the woman is a friend, employee, or a stranger, but police are now investigating Cuba Gooding Jr. Authorities are reportedly looking to question the 51 year old Oscar-winning actor for themselves. So far, there’s been no statement or explanation from the actor’s camp, but the investigation just got going. We’ll let you know when he has something to say.

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