International superstar Ariana Grande has donated the entire haul from her sold-out June 8th concert date in Atlanta, Georgia. Reports put the take at about $300,000, and by all accounts, it’s a much needed donation as the organization struggles to protect women’s rights to abortion services in the country.

Along with several other states, the Georgia legislature recently passed a so-called fetal heartbeat law, which basically bars women from knowingly have an abortion and reduces the time frame for the procedure to about six weeks. Since Row vs. Wade was decided, access to abortion in the US has never been more limited than it is right now. In fact, Misouri is close to becoming the only state in the nation where a woman cannot obtain a legal abortion anywhere – they’re already down to just one center in the whole state.

However when it comes to Georgia, tensions couldn’t be higher as the state and entertainment industry are locked in a fierce battle. The boycott Georgia movement is heating up as more and more entertainment companies decide to deny Georgia their business every day.

A major player like Ariana Grande coming through with such a strong move only turns up the heat, especially against a backdrop of Democratic Presidential candidates lining up to compete in the Primary for the upcoming 2020 election. The Georgia abortion rights movement is truly taking center stage.

We’ll let you know if any other celebrities decide to put their money where their mouth is and actually donate a purse to the cause.

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