The Oscar-winning actor confirmed he will turn himself in to NYPD tomorrow with his lawyers. He’s in L.A. today, but has promised to return for booking, and TMZ reports there will be a mugshot and fingerprints. See what he had to say about the situation before boarding a flight…

He expects to be booked for misdemeanor forcible touching. The incident happened at the Majic Hour Rooftop Bar and Lounge in Manhattan on Sunday night. Gooding says the tape shows what “really happened” as he denies groping anyone. He also seems to deny that it could be a misunderstanding or mistaken touch. However, as you can see from the interview, he doesn’t want to put his version out there first either.

As far as we know right now, the video from that night only shows him partying, singing karaoke, and taking lots of pictures – it’s well known Gooding is a fan favorite. So far it doesn’t show any groping, but you have to wonder why NYPD would insist on arresting the actor if they didn’t have something.

For now though, the charismatic actor doesn’t seem worried and is handling the circumstance perfectly. However he is worried that comedian Jon Stewart’s efforts to demand attention for the 9/11 Victims Fund from Congress may get overshadowed, so he mentioned it several times.

Only thing left to do now is wait and see if there’s actually any evidence to verify the alleged victim’s claims. Cuba Gooding is positive for now and says he trusts the system, but as you know, it’s still early. We’ll let you know what happens next.

Until the next time it drips…

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