Talk show diva Wendy Williams told TMZ she felt like Kevin Hunter’s little “show pony” during their 22 year long marriage. She says he was crazy manipulative and “sneaky,” and didn’t want her out of the house unless she was working. However this time, Kevin wanted to push back on Wendy’s claims, so he told TMZ the truth is that Wendy was just lazy and never wanted to get dressed and leave the house.

When Wendy heard what Kevin said, she told told TMZ not to believe anything her ex has to say. Since she’s been seen out and about with a new much younger man lately, one has to wonder if Kevin Hunter is a bit jealous? He sure did hit back very quickly this time. It’s the first time he’s seen his estranged wife with another man. Even for a cheater, it must be hard to watch.

Of course you know the two are going through a very public and messy divorce, with Kevin fathering a baby girl earlier this year, outside of their marriage, with a longtime mistress. Wendy and Kevin had strong business ties for over 20 years of Wendy’s career, but she fired Kevin from her show when she found out for sure the kid was his.

We’ll let you know if anymore shoes drop – until the next time it drips…

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