It’s been reported that Empire star Bryshere Y. Gray was arrested in Chicago last Thursday. Apparently, he was driving a 2014 Rolls without proper registration. In fact, police say the registration on the vehicle was actually for another car.

Not only that, but police say Bryshere, or ‘Yazz’ as he calls himself, didn’t have insurance on the vehicle, and he also doesn’t have a license. TMZ reports Yazz was charged with having registration not authorized on the vehicle. It’s a misdemeanor, but looks like he’ll have some explaining to do.

He was also charged with not having insurance and not having a license. Again, misdemeanors, but they could have some serious fallout. A judge has discretion to take away ones ability to drive at all with those two charges. No comment yet from the star of the now canceled Fox show as to why his business is all screwed up, or how anyone could mistag a Rolls Royce. His fans will be waiting to find out.

We all know the turmoil the Empire cast and crew have been through from the Jussie Smollett fiasco – something the show could never seem to move past.

We’ll let you know whenever there are any new developments for Yazz with his situation – until the next time it drips….