Singer Tory Lanez posted a behind the scenes clip the other day of himself shooting a scene in a music video, where he was seen calling a time out when it appeared the director of the video was swapping out a dark skinned black woman for a model with lighter skin. Both models appear to be black women. The singer is seen stopping the swap, as he rebuffs the lighter skinned model with what sounds like the phrase “you’re beautiful.” Nontheless, he continued to shoot only with the darker skinned model. Have a look…


Tory Lanez posted the clip with a fiery and poignant message saying he’s not going to, “ALLOW ANY OF THESE DIRECTORS TO DE-VALUE OUR BLACK WOMEN.” The video was called “Good Love” by artist Nafe Smallz, and the directors involved are a well known crew called Capone & Guise. As you can imagine, these two directors are pretty upset Tory Lanez is telling his millions of followers that they basically are racists. Well now one of them has spoken out.

Capone of the two man directing crew told TMZ, “never allow something as disgusting as what Tory Lanez is portraying.” He says they have no problem featuring dark skinned women in their videos because they do it all the time. Capone said the majority of their work is with Afrobeats styled artists.

He also insisted that his team wasn’t the ones who ordered the swap in models that day. He stopped short of blaming Tory Lanez’s crew directly, but insisted the video shoot was full of Tory Lanez’s people. He also let everyone know the video shoot was actually a whole three months ago, which begs the question, why the delayed outrage from Tory Lanez?

Here’s a message Tory posted in response…


We do know that although the video shoot was three months ago, the project just dropped on Thursday. Is Tory Lanez simply promoting the project by calling its directors racially biased? If so, that is a bold move for sure.

We’ll keep you posted on who says what next – until the next time it drips…

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