A New York City grand jury just handed down a 14-charge indictment for superstar rapper Cardi B. The investigation of the “Bodak Yellow” rapper has been going on for the better part of a year, and began after a strip club brawl where sisters Jade and Baddie G were beat up by Cardi B’s entourage.

You may remember, the sisters say Cardi B ordered the attack because she believed Jade was sleeping with her rap star husband, Offset. It appears the grand jury agreed, and the heat just got real hot for the Grammy-winning new mother.

According to TMZ the charges include two felonies, both for attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical injury. The counts also include conspiracy and criminal solicitation. It was widely reported that prosecutors offered Cardi B a plea deal on her last two court dates, which included a guilty plea to one misdemeanor and a stint on probation, but Cardi turned it down each time.

When she turned down her last shot at a plea, prosecutors informed her they would be sending the case to the grand jury. After that, it seemed clear the D.A.’s office would be coming hard at Cardi B. With charges like conspiracy and criminal solicitation, one has to wonder, who are prosecutors talking to? Cardi B’s guilt or innocence aside… who’s snitching? That’s a question that will have to be answered sooner or later.

We’ll bring you more updates on this story as soon as we get them – until the next time it drips…

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