It’s only been a month since the incident, but the guy seen on video getting a pretty impressive beatdown by Dababy’s entourage outside a nightclub in MA is already charging hard with a lawsuit against the “Suge” rapper. The plaintiff’s name is Donald Saladin, aka rapper Don Tag. See how he got treated on the night in question…

Don Tag says all he did was ask if he could get a pic with Dababy, but his crew didn’t like it, so they attacked. He also says Dababy just stood there and watched while his crew savagely beat him to concussion. TMZ reports Don Tag has already accumulated $30k in medical bills, and that number is expected to reach at least $100k.

For now, Dababy isn’t saying anything, but Don Tag and his lawyer told the court that Dababy was negligent in not training his security team properly. He also contends Dababy knew his people were violent to start with. In the video, you can see a very large man slamming Don Tag, seemingly at will, while several of Dababy’s crew swing on his head at the same time.

Only thing left to do now is see if the judge allows the case to move forward. We’ll keep you plugged in – until the next time it drips…