Rapper Cardi B plead not guilty in a Queens, New York courtroom yesterday afternoon. A far cry from the glitz and glamour of the BET Awards from the previous night, where the rapper again made history with more wins to her credit, Cardi B faced prosecutors trying their best to serve her with a major loss. Check the scene as she arrived….

In a case that was simply about two misdemeanor charges against the “Clout” rapper’s activities in a strip club last summer, prosecutors have found a way to morph that into twelve charges, two of which are serious felonies. The felony charges are both attempted assault with intent to cause serious physical harm. There are also charges of assault, conspiracy, and criminal solicitation. Cardi B’s legal team opted not to have all of them read out in court.

As you probably know by now, this all stems from a night at a New York strip club when sisters and bartenders, Jade and Baddie Gi, got into a brawl with Cardi B’s crew. The sisters claim Cardi B ordered the beatdown because she thought Jade was sleeping with her husband, rapper Offset. Prosecutors took the claims seriously and after investigating the incident, here we are with Cardi B facing serious, career ending jail time.

We’ll be watching all developments with this story, and you’ll know when we do. Until the next time it drips…

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