Cuba Gooding Jr. showed up to a Manhattan courtroom today to answer charges of sexual abuse and forcible touching stemming from an incident caught on surveillance video at a New York City rooftop bar a few weeks ago. He had his lawyers by his side as he ignored photogs and reporters screaming for his attention. Check the scene…

Cuba wanted a dismissal today after reports surfaced of the accuser’s personal blog detailing that she suffers from several serious mental disorders including PTSD, ADHD, and depression. She apparently admits she’s starved for attention and, in her blog, vows that this is her time.

Cuba’s legal team is claiming that the video evidence is inconclusive, and also that the NYPD botched the investigation, although they offered no real details as to how that may have happened.

For its part, the Prosecution only entered the accuser’s deposition where she detailed what happened on the night in question. Apparently, prosecutors will lay out more of the case against Cuba Gooding Jr. at the next court date on July 17th. The judge in the case, Kesha Espinal, decided not to rule on dismissal today, but will hear from the prosecution at that time. She added she wasn’t going to be making any “rash decisions.”

However, the judge did promise to make a decision over dismissal on August 14th. No reason as to why she’ll rule on that day, but it’s done. It’s sure to be a long, hot, and sweaty summer for Cuba Gooding Jr. This thing hasn’t even begun yet.

We’ll keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips…

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