In grand jury testimony, an LAPD detective said the getaway driver that assisted Eric Holder in the murder of rapper Nipsey Hussle now wants police protection. The detective testified that after an investigation, he determined there are credible threats of violence against her so she’s been offered protection, or even to be placed in hiding, by the police department.

TMZ reports she’s only identified as Witness 1 in court documents, and her status as such an important and critical witness is why the LAPD wants to go all out to get her to trial. Apparently she was romantically linked to Holder as well, and she had a lot more to do with the crime from start to finish than previously known.

Witness 1 is the one who brought Eric Holder to the strip mall where Nipsey Hussle was gunned down outside of his Marathon store while talking to friends. She hasn’t been charged, but admits to knowing the motive for the crime. She says Eric Holder, street name “Shitty,” told her Nipsey Hussle accused him of snitching. She admits to hearing Nipsey Hussle ask Holder about snitching just before the shooting went down, and she recalls Nipsey Hussle rebuffing Eric Holder in public, in front of the Marathon clothing store.

After that, the couple drove to the back of the strip mall and that’s where Witness 1 told the grand jury that Holder showed her his guns and bluntly told her he was about to do a drive-by shooting. Holden then ran off through the alleyway behind the strip mall, and after he ran back to the car after the shooting, Witness 1 admits to getting Holder out of the area.

She knows a lot of detail, and police must feel they really need her to make the case against Holder stick, even with the abundance of video evidence out there. However on any planet, that much involvement in a murder would land most anyone in jail for a long time, but instead, Witness 1 has been given full immunity.

We’ll be watching all the developments with this story to see what comes out next, and keep you plugged in.

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