Rapper Blueface has been really going through it with his family over the past few days. There were reports of a huge fight with his mom and sister and a video showing Blueface kicking them both out of his house, complete with pushing, yelling, screaming and calls for the cops. He caught lots of flack from his fans over how it seemed he treated his family.

Well last night the rapper released his in-house surveillance video, and the footage shows a much different story. Among other things, it clearly shows his sister running up the steps and attacking Blueface, with what looks like a knife, before he ever lays a hand on her. It also shows his mother basically berating the rapper because he hadn’t bought his sister a car “off the lot” yet. See the video of the rowdy episode…

The mother and daughter both seem to be arguing violently, back and forth with Blueface’s two new girlfriends. While the girlfriends are off camera, the mother can be seen throwing things around his house as she curses the “Thotianna” rapper repeatedly. His sister can be heard seemingly threatening to beat up one of the girlfriends, as she first grabs the knife.

This is the caption he placed with the video…

“Sense they wanna go viral so bad this the real story my mom got tired of my broke ass sister free loading at her house so she brought her to mine an I wasn’t going for it I already got her an apartment guess that wasn’t enough she want my car she want me to buy her a car off the lot an some more stuff I was homeless in my own car for years ain’t nobody wanna let me stay at they house I had to thug it out 🤷🏾‍♂️ but I C my fans ain’t real fans y’all turn like corners fucc all you fake ass fans that’s y I’m in it just for the money”

He does kick them both out after the knife slinging, as one of the ladies continues to record from a smartphone. Blueface also posted another shot at his mom and sister, and asked his fans to try and get them kicked off Instagram. However, after a fan implored him not to continue to do that, it looks like the Blueface took the posting down.

This thing has gotten way ugly way fast. Just a few months ago his mother appeared on his page as he gifted her $10K for an upcoming vacation, but those were better days.

We’ll keep following the situation and keep you plugged in – until the next time it drips…

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