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A judge has decided to let Swedish authorities hold A$ap Rocky for 2 weeks – the stakes just got very high for the rapper.


Prosecutors in Stockholm have asked a judge if they can keep American rapper, A$ap Rocky, detained for two weeks, simply to investigate the street fight he was involved in over the weekend. Prosecutors believe they may have a case for aggravated assault against him. TMZ reports the usual hold time in that country for this kind of thing is only 3 days, so it does seem to indicate local authorities are very serious about the case.


You probably know by now that the first video released on Monday clearly showed A$ap Rocky throwing a guy to the ground, then all of his crew began to kick and pummel the guy with shots that left him bloodied. However soon after, the rapper released almost three minutes of tape showing that the same guy, the victim in the first video, was actually the aggressor in the circumstance. The video showed how he and a buddy stalked A$ap Rocky and his crew through the streets looking for a fight. It also showed the guy smashing his headphones on the head of A$ap Rocky’s bodyguard in a moment of violence.

A$ap Rocky’s video had the rapper on camera trying to be the peacemaker, saying things like… “we don’t want to fight y’all.” “We don’t want to go to jail.” How the rapper turned from peacemaker to being caught on video throwing, punching, and kicking a guy is still sort of a mystery – that moment from both videos seems to be missing.

In America, fighting in general is no big deal. This kind of ‘take the law into your own hands’ overboard justice is tolerated. More and more, American juries are opting to set people free that go so far as to shoot and kill others, even when a victim is proven to be unarmed and even when the shooter is the aggressor. It just doesn’t work that way in many countries around the word, especially European countries. There’s very little excuse for people to put their hands on one another violently.

Looks like A$ap Rocky is caught up in a cultural miscalculation… one that could cost him a lot, even his career. If found guilty of aggravated assault, it’s conceivable he could be locked away for up to 6 years in a Swedish jail.

At last report, even American Embassy personnel have been denied access to A$ap Rocky and the other Americans locked up with him. Even with an abundance of video evidence showing basically what happened in daylight, Stockholm prosecutors still want to hold him for weeks, just to “investigate.” This is not good news for A$ap Rocky, all because of a simple dustup between a few guys in the street.

By our calculation, the judge has until the end of the day to decide if A$ap Rocky will remain in Swedish custody for two more weeks. We’ll keep you plugged in – until the next time it drips.

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