Word came overnight that rapper Slim 400’s condition improved enough for him to be moved out of the ICU. You probably know that he was gunned down by a masked hit squad just over a week ago in Compton, California. They started shooting in what looked like just a drive-by, but then the assailants got out of the car in an effort to make sure Slim 400 was dead – but he didn’t die, he’s still alive.

After all this time, there are still no suspects in the crime, though there were reportedly several witnesses. He was hanging out in a neighborhood where he was known to spend lots of time. Slim 400 has a reputation for being bold and confrontational in the streets, so his the list of his enemies may be long. See Slim in action as he forced Tekashi69 to leave a spot in L.A. last year to avoid trouble and a possible probation violation…

TMZ is reporting he will likely require a long hospital stay and a lengthy period of recovery. His prognosis is not as rosy as was earlier in the week, but his fans have to be encouraged by this recent upgrade in Slim 400’s condition. He was shot nine times, mostly in his torso, but also in his face and top of his head. No mention yet if Slim 400 will require assistance of any kind when he is finally released.

Lots of attention is being paid to his associate and high profile rapper, YG, and his reaction to the shooting. It’s a tense time in L.A. when it comes to gang violence, especially since the Nipsey Hussle killing. Many want to know what YG thinks about responses to the attempted assassination of his close associate, Slim 400. To that so far, YG has only said, “Stay dangerous.” Have a look…

As soon as more details develop, we’ll bring them right to you. Until the next time it drips….

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