The Swedish jail where rapper A$ap Rocky ended up after the street fight caught on camera last week is reported to have horribly inhumane conditions. TMZ has sources that say the rapper is sleeping on a yoga mat on the floor, and dealing with feces being thrown around his cell. They’re also reporting the food is awful and inedible. They say he’s only eaten an apple a day since he’s been there.


As we told you before, the Swedes had also previously denied A$ap Rocky the right to see an official from the American Consulate. All Americans in A$ap’s situation are supposed to be afforded the meeting immediately, but we’re told it took days before the Swedes allowed the rapper to see an American, and even then, he could not meet in private with the official.

A$ap Rocky is seeing support from other American rappers and international entertainers. Many are vowing never to play in Sweden again, after they’ve seen how their counterpart has been treated in the country. We’ll be on watch with this situation, and we’ll bring you every detail. Until the next time it drips…

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