Nicki Minaj just announced she was pulling out of the Jeddah World Fest concert being held in Saudia Arabia on July 18th. She’s apparently been struggling with her thoughts about the country’s record on human rights. After a lot of reflection, the “MEGATRON” singer decided to make this statement, with the concert less than ten days away.

“After careful reflection I have decided to no longer move forward with my scheduled concert at Jeddah World Fest. While I want nothing more than to bring my show to fans in Saudi Arabia, after better educating myself on the issues, I believe it is important for me to make clear my support for the rights of women, the LGBTQ community and freedom of expression.”

Saudi Arabia has recently allowed women to drive and shown a greater tolerance for western music and concerts. However, was a time not long ago when the kingdom’s morality police would shut down any establishment even playing loud music. Still, gender separation is the law, same sex relationships are flatly against the law, and freedom of expression is basically very restricted, especially for women.

Last week the Human Rights Foundation issued a statement calling on all performers for the Jeddah World Fest to refuse to come to Saudi Arabia on the basis of human rights for women and the LGBTQ community. Today, Nicki Minaj has answered that call.

We’ll let you know when she has more to say on the subject – until the next time it drips…

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