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Florida rapper YNW melly was in court today looking very chipper during the proceedings. Not only was he not bothered, he even smiled several times, laughed with his legal team, and seemed to move about briskly, though he was weighed down by heavy shackles. He shared a video of the court hearing on Instagram with his millions of followers with this caption…

“I’ll be home soon. I’m smiling because God is with me – Melly 🌎🙏🏾✨ #innocent #icee”

In fact, the “Murder On My Mind” rapper regularly communicates with his fans on IG expressing a similar degree of confidence about his circumstance, leading many to falsely believe he was already out of jail. There’s a thin line between the optimism of one’s religious beliefs, and the real life consequences of being aggressively delusional.

Today’s hearing was just about mundane procedural paperwork, nothing really critical. However, when the heat starts to turn up in the case, YNW Melly might do himself a favor and start taking things much more seriously. After all, this is about double murder.

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