Soulja was released from jail early yesterday morning, as confirmed by TMZ. He hasn’t been spotted on the street yet, but chances are low the “Crank That” rapper will stay out of sight for long. If you do the math you’ll see Soulja was released 146 days early, a huge gift to one of the hardest working rappers in the game. He’s got a popping career to get back to, the comeback can resume.

When we first reported, he was sentenced to 240 days for a probation violation and 265 hours of community service. It will be interesting to see how the rapper will be serving the community. The judge decided to lock Soulja up in part because he skated on his prior community service order, and the judge concluded Soulja Boy also falsified documents to avoid his commitments.

Of course, the whole trouble started for Soulja Boy back in February when an ex-girlfiend told police he had kidnapped her. That claim has since been proven false and dismissed in the courts, but still, the episode continues to cost the rapper a lot.

We’ll keep an eye on what’s up with the once very busy baller – he’s probably working to see if his deals are still in place. When we know, you’ll know. Until the next time it drips…

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