The two mainstay, ride or die girlfriends of disgraced R&B legend, R. Kelly, insist they’re just fine, so don’t worry about them, worry about yourself. From a luxury Trump hotel somewhere in the sky, Azriel Clary and Jocelyn Savage looked very calm and upbeat and delivered a message of unity, in the face of their man’s mounting legal troubles.


As you know by now, R. Kelly isn’t home because he’s in federal custody on almost a dubs worth of federal charges ranging from possession of child pornography to racketeering – running a criminal enterprise, and a nasty one, at that. The feds say R. Kelly and his team have been moving underaged girls across state lines for the purposes of sex for years. They say he’s been brainwashing and holding young girls against their will and even for forced labor, for years.

A calvary of who’s who in law enforcement in Chicago showed up at R. Kelly’s house just to be a part of his takedown… in his slippers while walking his dog. The “Bump and Grind” singer facing enough charges to spend the rest of his natural life behind bars, and that had nothing to do with the other 20-plus Illinois state charges already on the table.

Yet R. Kelly’s lady friends seem to be oblivious to the seriousness of the singer’s circumstance, and therefore their own circumstance. They wanted to make it clear that no one had kicked them out of his apartment in Trump Tower. Seemingly that current situation means nothing. Federal prosecutors can seize all of “Robert’s” properties in the time it takes to order a latte at the Starbucks downstairs at “the Trump,” as they put it. No mention of a plan, if and when the singer’s house of cards will finally fall.

However, the ladies were quick to offer praise to R. Kelly’s fans, as if fans can somehow will the singer home to them. They also seemed especially willing to show dismissive disdain toward their parents. Jocelyn Savage waved her hand and rolled her eyes saying… “they know where I’m at,” apparently, her way of calming her worried sick mother and father who have been publicly begging and pleading for any communication they can get with their child.

With all the muti-jurisdictional state and now federal charges he’s facing, to the rest of the world, R. Kelly’s fate seems sealed. However it’s going to be interesting to see what becomes of Azriel and Jocelyn. It seems clear they don’t have a good grip on reality.

We’ll definitely keep an eye on this situation. Until the next time it drips…

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