Notorious Sinaloa cartel boss El Chapo has just been sentenced to life in federal prison plus 30 years. This comes after a three month long trial full of details about his criminal activity for decades. El Chapo was found guilty of 10 counts brought by federal prosecutors that included continued engagement in a criminal enterprise, money laundering, and international distribution of cocaine. Check the scene as his wife, Emma Aispuro, left the courthouse in Brooklyn…

His wife, an American-born Mexican beauty queen, is now left to deal with aggressive federal authorities. The government says he’s worth more than $12 billion and they want it all. El Chapo now owes the US government $12.6 billion in forfeitures.

The crime boss also has a long history of escaping maximum security Mexican jails, so in 2017 the US stepped in and took over his incarceration and prosecution. As far as we know, El Chapo is set to spend out the rest of his days in segregation at a federal prison in Arizona. Apparently his jailers have a familiar refrain…. “he’s going to the desert to die.”

When more info pops up, we’ll let you know. Until the next time it drips…

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