A swedish judge just ordered another week in jail for Asap Rocky. Prosecutors asked the judge to hold him for another week and it was granted. They say they need to continue to investigate even though there’s lots of video evidence readily available to them. Prosecutors also claim the rapper is a flight risk.

It should be noted that overnight the same prosecutors came out and said they were going to indict Asap Rocky on assault and attempted assault charges. However when it was pointed out that deciding to charge the rapper, after admitting to a judge that they still needed more time to investigate, seemed like a predetermined if not illogical move. Prosecutors quickly backed off the declaration to charge Asap Rocky, at least for now. Still, things do not look good for the rapper. It seems prosecutors are very close to charging him.

At this point, his only hope may be the efforts out of Washington DC. American officials are working to get Asap Rocky’s circumstance on the front burner, especially since there were reports of inhumane conditions at the Swedish jail where he’s being held. The Congressional Black Caucus has been pressuring Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to help out. It’s also being widely reported that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are actively lobbying President Trump and his family for help to set Asap free.

For now, Asap waits… he can only hope that next weekend might bring better news. We’ll keep an eye on all developments with this story and keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips….

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