Swedish prosecutors have decided the guy seen on video smashing A$ap Rocky’s Bodyguard over the head with an object will not be charged. While A$ap Rocky has been anguishing in an inhumane jail cell for weeks now, the other guy involved won’t have to answer for anything, and he has never spent even a day in jail.

He can be seen on tape clearly being belligerent, stalking A$ap Rocky and his crew for blocks on a Stockholm city street, entirely instigating the street fight that would follow. However, Swedish authorities have concluded that he was acting in self defense, and his actions were completely justified. While A$ap Rocky, who is seen on video several times doing his level best to try and diffuse the situation, the Swedish authorities have afforded no such understanding or empathy.

The Swedish Prime Minister, Stefon Lofven, told President Donald Trump by phone last week that everyone has equal rights in Sweden and is treated the same. We now know without a doubt, that is a lie.

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