Swedish authorities have decided to charge Asap Rocky with criminal assault, as telegraphed last week. This means he will stay in his Swedish holding cell for at least 2 or 3 weeks until trial. If convicted, the New York rapper could get up to two years in jail. While he did avoid a more serious charge that could’ve had him facing six years in jail, still, the possibility of any more time behind bars overseas has got to be an extremely painful proposition.

TMZ reports the prosecutor in the case is bragging about his choice to go ahead and prosecute Asap Rocky. He now wants the world to know he has more evidence than just the widely circulated videos on the internet. However, people are starting to wonder if the prosecutor is taking this opportunity just to make a name for himself. Asap Rocky’s mother is on the record saying she thinks the whole thing is racially motivated.

No matter what anyone thinks, at this point the fact is the Swedes have Asap Rocky over a barrel, and he’s at their mercy. The prosecutor stated he wanted the trial to begin next Tuesday and it should last all week. Once arguments have been made, Asap Rocky’s fate will be decided by a four-judge panel. If all goes well, the rapper, his fans, and his business interests will know whether the nightmare is over, or whether Sweden will be Asap Rocky’s new permanent residence.

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