Rapper Fabolous strongly denies recent reports from TMZ and other blogs claiming he and longtime girlfriend, Emily B., have broken up. TMZ posted a story with a picture of the rapper and a mystery woman having lunch at a Mexican restaurant, the inference being the two were on a date, as the news organization wondered if Fabolous and Emily B. had called it quits or not.


In response to the story, Fabolous became irate and emotional. He insisted the meal was just a lunch meeting with a teacher. After all, it was in the middle of the day, and there doesn’t even seem to be any margaritas present on the table. To his defense, you’d have to think if any level of affection had been displayed between the two, there most certainly would have been a photo or video of it.

Fabolous dropped this message on Instagram today…


Fabolous and Emily B. have had big time problems in their relationship in the recent past. Last year a video surfaced of Fabolous seemingly threatening Emily and her father with a knife, outside of the home they shared. The rapper was eventually given probation over the incident, and it seemed the two got back together, even making appearances in public looking like a happy couple.

What will he do? The “Throw It in the Bag” rapper has vowed to sue TMZ for defamation over the story. Of course, the entertainment news giant is standing behind its story and continuing to post in defense of their work.

We’ll follow the happenings with this situation and get the details to you fast. Until the next time it drips…

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