The violent attack on Future’s bodyguard in Ibiza, Spain, which was caught on camera, will not be investigated or prosecuted by Spanish authorities. You’ll remember just last week, we all saw the shocking video of young street thugs sucker punching Future’s bodyguard from behind, with what we now know was a rock. He was instantly knocked out cold and lay helpless in the street of Ibiza.

TMZ has learned the bodyguard in question said he does not want to press formal charges, and rap superstar Future said, “I’m not a witness to anything… leave me out.” However, whether to prosecute in this case should actually just be a matter of public safety, and among other things, safeguarding the reputation of Spain as a safe, welcoming country.

After all, foriegners came to Spain to do businesses and to enjoy themselves in peace, only to wind up viciously attacked by goons, as soon as they got off the airplane. Does the Spanish government and the city of Ibiza not care about the safety of foreign visitors? Or is it that they simply don’t care about visitors who happen to be black, or rappers?

The crew that attacked Future’s bodyguard did it in broad daylight, near the city’s airport, and with their faces clearly identifiable on camera… not a hard case to crack, if the Spanish gave a damn. In many instances in any country, it’s not simply left to the victim to make a complaint before investigation can begin. Spain is no different, they simply lack the will. The real question is… why?

We’ll bring you more on this story as it develops. Until the next tine it drips….

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