The man seen being beaten in the Asap Rocky street fight in Stockholm, Sweden took the stand today. Through TMZ we learned he testified that he thought he was going to die during the beatdown he got from Asap Rocky and his crew. He also says he wasn’t intoxicated during the incident, as most people have assumed from watching his behavior. Doing his best to play the victim, he also said he hasn’t been able to work since the fight and he claims to be tormented by nightmares.

However, almost anyone who saw the tape can clearly tell that the ‘alleged victim’ was the actual agitator on that day. He stalked Asap Rocky and his guys for blocks through Stockholm streets, trying his best to start the fight that eventually ensued. Most have rightly concluded he got what he was looking for. Still, the Swedes don’t see it that way, as a panel of four judges will decide Asap Rocky’s fate.

Said judges should probably decide whether Sweden will continue to be the kind of place where aggressive street thugs can harass, stalk, and start fights with well meaning foreigners for some cheap notoriety and get away with it.

The trial is set to resume on Thursday. Until the next time it drips…

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