Last night rap superstar Cardi B was supposed to be on stage in front of a sold out crowd in downtown Indianapolis, but things went haywire after an unspecified security threat. Less than an hour before the concert was to start, the rapper called everything off and canceled the show. Here’s the message she left her fans on Instagram…

As you can see, she offered a thoughtful apology for the inconvenience, but it’s left many wondering what the threat really entailed and if her recent political activities could be the true reason for the hate. Cardi has been posting some very popular but controversial posts about the current political scene, criticizing president Trump and encouraging Democrats to get involved.

She recently sat down with Bernie Sanders for a discussion of his platform and posted the pics online as well…


Truthfully, lots of people seem to have a problem with the rapper sharing her views on politics, so much that she’s had to drop several videos recently defending her right to do so. With many believing the rise in violent white nationalists has a direct correlation to the vitriolic and racist speech coming from President Trump himself, perhaps Cardi B’s camp thought they had no choice but to cancel for now.

Just a day prior, a man espousing white nationalist political views walked into a festival in California and killed a six year old little boy and a thirteen year old girl, among others. Indianapolis police say in this instance the reports were “unverified,” and as we told you, we don’t know what Cardi B knows about the threat so far. However it’s clear she’s decided it’s better to be safe than sorry.

We’ll stay on top of it – until the next time it drips…

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