Looks like Diddy and rumored much younger girlfriend, Lori Harvey, have been spotted actually double dating with her parents. That’s right, Steve Harvey himself and his wife Marjorie. We have fresh pics of the foursome having lunch on vacation in Italy, courtesy of TMZ. See for yourselves….


As you can see, Diddy isn’t sitting with the grown-ups, he’s sitting with Lori. While Diddy and Lori have both denied the dating rumors, Diddy’s conversation is not with the fellow business tycoons and peers present, he’s talking to Lori. Check out how booed up they both look in the next couple pics…



They can say what they want, but the zoom don’t lie – people do. They both have good reason to deny their now obvious relationship though because rumor is, Diddy’s own twenty-five year old son, Justin Combs @princejdc, was dating Lori Harvey also, as recently as last winter. In fact, Justin’s been getting trolled and dragged all over social media with people thinking his dad took his girlfriend… looks like they’re right.

Steve and Marjorie may be fine with what’s going on here, but has anyone bothered to check with Justin?

We’ll be keeping up with the story for you – until the next time it drips…

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