The fight between Kimora Lee Simmons and Blood Diamond actor Djimon Hounsou is reaching new heights at this point. On Friday, Djimon served Kimora Lee with papers looking for joint custody of their ten year old son, Kenzo. The actor has gotten fed up with not getting permission from Kimora Lee to see his own son. You’ll remember, Djimon was very vocal with his frustrations about not seeing Kenzo on Father’s Day.

Now we’ve learned through TMZ that Hip Hop mogul Russell Simmons is officially a part of the problem as well. Apparently, after Kimora Lee told Russell she feared that Djimon might try and take Kenzo to Africa and never return, Russell inserted himself and demanded that Djimon sign a contract swearing not to go to Africa with the boy. Of course Djimon refused his demands, and has decided to assert his rights in court.

To make matters worse when it comes to this years Father’s Day, Djimon didn’t get to spend time with Kenzo, but Kimora Lee posted pictures of Russell with Kenzo and her other kids, praising Russell for being a great father. No such post for Djimon. It also gave the impression they were all together hanging out, but we don’t know that for sure. Maybe this is what really set Djimon off. It kinda looks like Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons are double-teaming the Aquaman actor.


When it comes to the courts, Djimon may do well with his request for joint custody also. Given the fact that Kimora Lee’s current husband, former investment banker Tim Leissner, plead guilty to federal money laundering charges in a huge scheme against the government of Malaysia, and the fact that Russell Simmons is still fielding rape allegations after having to step down from running his companies in 2017, a judge might very well decide little Kenzo does not need to be in a home full of all that stress.

There’s a lot going on with this situation, and we’ll bring it to you uncut and keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips…