In an interview with Andy Cohen for his radio podcast, talk show diva Wendy Williams confirmed she knew about her ex Kevin Hunter’s affair for years. She says her main concern was her son and how she didn’t want to disrupt his life and school situation. She also denied she would still be with Kevin if the Daily Mail hadn’t published those pictures.

Wendy Williams on Ex, Kevin Hunter’s Secret Life: “I knew a lot of things for years”

When Andy asked if she would still be in it, Wendy replied, “Are you out of your mind?!” She also implied that she had her own pictures way before the paparazzi dropped on her. Knowing her son would be off at college soon, the talk show host decided to make her move.

No mention of whether she confronted Kevin about his mistress, or whether she tried to stop him and save the marriage. That’s a long time to stay with someone you know is tipping out on you. She also didn’t mention the status of their relationship today, or whether Kevin Jr. has met his new step-sister yet, and how she would feel about that. Still lots of questions left to be answered.

We’re watching all things Wendy Williams, and we’ll keep you plugged in. Until the next time it drips…

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