Trending U.S. rapper Asap Rocky has been found guilty of assault by Swedish judges. However, that is the lesser of the charges facing Asap and his crew for the much publicized street skirmish that landed them all in a Swedish jail. His sentence is time served. He won’t have to report to Sweden for jail or even community service, but he will need to pay various fines, court costs, and restitution to the victim.

With that, the head-scratching detention of Asap Rocky in an inhumane Swedish jail is over. Head-scratching because there was ample video evidence the incident was little more than a simple street fight between guys, yet the Swedish prosecutor in the case decided to go hard at Asap Rocky and possibly have him jailed for years. With his failure to convict on anything really serious, the question rings out louder today… Why do all this?


There was no evidence from the start that Asap smashed the victim in question with a bottle, nor did he sustain injuries to suggest he was even hit with that type of force. The only remarkable aspect to any of the evidence is video proof the so-called victim in the case was actually a very aggressive agitator leading up to his beating. The Swedish government just detained a wealthy American for a month and couldn’t show any good cause for the trouble. What would happen to Americans who weren’t so wealthy and connected?

Asap’s Swedish lawyer, Slobodan Jovicic, expressed that he was not happy the court found that Rocky wasn’t acting in self defense, but seemed to say he accepts the judge’s decision as final. We’ll be following Asap Rocky’s next moves real close, and we’ll keep you plugged in.

Until the next time it drips….

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