Jay Z and Roger Goodell held a very limited and carefully planned meeting/press conference where they announced a major new partnership that puts Jay Z’s Roc Nation in charge of entertainment for the Super Bowl. Yes, that’s the same Jay Z that went all “APESH*T” on the NFL and vowed not to take NFL money over the Colin Kaepernick protest. was the first to really describe how hypocritical Jay Z and his portfolio of powerful businesses were, as it relates to his stance in support of Kaepernick and against Roger Goodell and the NFL. We told our readers how Jay Z railed against the league and bullied other artists like Travis Scott not to take NFL money, yet simultaneously, he and his companies were getting major NFL paychecks for their clients and Roc Nation Sports athletes. For some reason that degree of hypocrisy didn’t seem to connect with many people… well is it blatant enough for ya now?

Jay Z was never trying to be a champion for what’s right, or a champion for the people. He was simply trying to strengthen his bargaining hand with a major business partner, and he did that masterfully. Of course, he was willing to trade his integrity and go all cut-throat on his relationships. Turns out he never even consulted Colin Kaepernick until after the deal was made.

To be clear, I don’t see any problem with doing business with the NFL… we all tune in every Sunday, nonetheless. However if you take a stand claiming to be a righteous defender of black people, then in turn take the money and laugh in our faces, you are a nasty hypocrite – that be for sure.

Until the next time it drips…