Oscar winner Jamie Foxx and actress Katie Holmes finally called an end to their six-year secret, then semi-secret and just plan weird, romantic relationship. Jamie was seen on Friday out on a date with his supposed singing protege, Sela Vave, at Bootie Bellows in Los Angeles.

Jamie Foxx and Sela Vave

Speculation immediately began that Jamie was cheating on Katie, but Page Six has confirmed the two stars have actually been splitsville since May, and Katie couldn’t care less about what Jamie does. Their relationship ended just as it began, in an obscure shroud of silly teenage secrecy. Or perhaps, the habit has more sinister beginnings… The two began their romance not long after Katie divorced actor Tom Cruise. Jamie was known to be one of Tom’s best friends at the time. A bit of “Et tu, Brute?” at play?

It’s anyone’s guess, but for all the effort Jamie and Katie put into keeping their relationship in the dark, it’s worth noting that the whole thing came crashing down just a few weeks after the pair went truly public by walking the red carpet at the Met Ball this May. Just seems like they could have saved themselves a lot of time by simply exposing their love to the light from the start.

Sela Vave, a much younger woman though no one knows her real age yet, just moved to LA to “work with” Jamie a few months ago, around the time Katie and Jamie called it quits… just saying. Let’s hope Sela and Jamie’s working relationship doesn’t turn into the next episode of the Me 2 movement. We’ll be following this new twosome for all updates, and we’ll keep you plugged in.

Until the next time it drips…

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