Reports are coming out that jailed rapper Tekashi69 is worried sick about the safety of his family as the time for him to testify on the stand in his kidnapping case draws near. You’ll remember, Tekashi69 claimed he was kidnapped and pistol whipped in a dramatic early morning robbery in Brooklyn, back in 2018. Many people questioned whether the situation was just a staged publicity stunt, but Tekashi69 insists it wasn’t, and he’s ready to point the finger at the alleged mastermind.

Trouble is, that alleged perpetrator is his former manager and purported fellow Nine Trey Bloods gang-member, Anthony Ellison. Sources tell TMZ the “FeFe” rapper is sweating bullets at the thought of having to finger this guy as one of his assailants that night, even though Tekashi feels certain that Ellison is the one that set him up.

Under his plea deal with the feds, he’s required to tell the truth and basically do whatever they tell him to, but the notion of taking the stand against his own gang is increasingly unnerving the young rapper. Tekashi69 feels like his mother and brother are in extreme danger, but he literally has no choice but to cooperate. At this point, Tekashi probably feels the best thing he can do is just get home – the quicker he gets out of jail, the better he can protect them.

Though many fellow rappers publicly slammed Tekashi69, his record label is reportedly dying to get the rapper back on the streets and into the studio. They know the fans can’t get enough of a comeback story. Can he do it? Can he come back from all this? His court date in the kidnapping case should be some time next month. We’re following all things Tekashi69, and we’ll keep you plugged in.

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