Hot news right now is there was an epic brawl between couples on the set of Marriage Boot Camp last week. Apparently, Love and Hop alum and Girl Code author Hazel E got into a nasty fight with Shanda Denyce, the wife of Day 26 member Willie Tayor. Instead of breaking up the two ladies, Willie and Hazel E’s boyfriend, Devon B, decided to join in the knuckle up affair. Word is they caused a lot of damage and the future of the show is in question at this point.

TMZ is reporting the fight started over Hazel E’s racist rant about skin tone back in 2017 – Shanda wanted to get straight to it and address it. What rant you might ask? Here it go….


This is what got Shanda so upset, and as you can see, it’s pretty ugly. At the time, Hazel E caught a lot of flack for that one. About the same time, Hazel E also said something like she hopes “all gays die and burn in hell.” Well actually, that’s exactly what she said.

The whole crew is on pins and needles waiting for what the producers decide to do with the show. However, having a cast member with an explosive past like Hazel E, you have to figure they knew what they were getting into – the show must go on. This thing is hot, and the fans can’t wait for next season to drop.

Until the next time it drips….


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